Weekly Feature: Tales the Night Collection, The Bruja Bracelet

Posted on October 20 2020

You cannot tame the spirit of someone who has magic in their veins.

Michele F + Weekly Feature + Tales of the Night Collection + Bruja Bracelet + Minot


Weekly Feature

Bruja Bracelet (TN11)

October 19th – 25th

Tales of the Night Collection


Bruja // Spanish for witch // One who is considered to be a sorcerer, witch, or enchantress who manifests through spirit + energies + the elements.


Copper and silver meld together bringing you our Bruja Bracelet (TN11). Layer this bracelet with others, or let it works its magic all on it’s own. Copper is a great conductor and the charm featured represents your heart chakra so we like to think of this bracelet as a summoner of strength and love.


The Heart Chakra Charm // this is a Sterling charm that is double sided as it features two different symbols for the Heart Chakra. The heart chakra is said to be a center of energy located in the channel of the spine, close to the heart. The heart is the fourth of the seven primary chakras. It is believed that this circle of prana (energy) has an activation point in the center of the chest. The heart chakra is associated with relationships, love and self-acceptance. (yogapedia)



-Regular price of $150

-Sale price of $125

-7mm Ethiopian copper beads

-Ethiopian Antique silver caps

-Sterling Heart Chakra charm (double sided)

-Copper closure/extender

-See sizing info below!

-On sale through Sunday, Oct 25th



Because this bracelet features an extender chain + charm, there will be three size “groups”. If anything, size down on this bracelet as it is more dainty than last week’s. If you need help selecting your size just let us know!


Size group options include

A = if you are an XS or S

B = if you are a M or L

C = if you are a XL or XXL


XS(6.75”), S(7”), M(7.25”), L(7.5”), XL(7.75”), XXL(8”)


// TO ORDER //
-Desired purchase(s) 
-Payment preference: emailed invoice or in-store payment
-Delivery preference: shipping or pick-up
▪️If you choose to have your invoice emailed, provide your email address (unless you've already done so in the past)
-Direct message (preferred!)
-Comment on photo
-Phone 701-858-0550
▪️Examples of proper orders:
Jane Doe, TN11, please ship!
Jessie Doe, TN11, will pay and pick up in store.
▪️Invoicing and confirmation of your order will be done within 72 hours of when order is placed. Please reach out if you have questions on the status of your order. Generally speaking, your order will be ready one week after it is placed. This may vary depending on items ordered. Our weekly store hours are Thursday + Friday 10 am – 6pm and Saturday 10am – 3pm.
-love + light,
Kaitlin, Danielle, & Michele




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