Weekly Feature: Lapis Libra + Venus Necklaces

Posted on September 07 2020

Michele F + Weekly Feature + Lapis + Venus + Libra

This week we are shining a light on our Lapis Libra & Venus Necklaces. Both can also be worn as wrap bracelets with the addition of one of our extenders. We are letting last week’s new items echo as we have more facets of the pieces to share. Enjoy!


Lapis is said to be one of the stones associated with the horoscope sign Libra. Libra season is up next in the celestial calendar so let’s dive in as these necklaces feature this electrically rich stone.


Spiritual enlightenment starts only in a person’s mind and soul. Lapis Lazuli is a crystal that makes people travel within themselves and discover their own destiny or purpose on Earth.

While being a sedentary stone, it has the power to enlighten the soul and to help people heal themselves more rapidly. Bearing the color of a life-giving element, which is water, Lapis is blue like sapphires and represents awareness or an easier way to express feelings. What gives it its blue color is the sulfur that happens to be in the matrix of the stone. Because it features calcite and pyrite, together with a little bit of gold, it has great benefits over wealth and prosperity. It’s a stone belonging to the Third Eye chakra, so the ancient Egyptians, especially the royal ones, used to believe it opens the path towards the spiritual world, making one’s imagination richer and more beautiful. (i.thehoroscope)


These two necklaces are part of our “Here I Am” Collection. The Collection represents love to put it quite simply. Fierce, bold, love that you give to yourself and to those around you. “Here I am to love myself. Here I am to love you.” If anything, the title is more of a promise…one we must make and keep.


Lapis Libra Necklace (H4)

-Regular price of $150

-Sale price of $125

-Measures 15.5” + 2” ext

-Genuine lapis coins

-Copper accents


Venus Necklace – Lapis Edition (H5)

-Regular price of $125

-Sale price of $100

-Measures 18”

-Ethiopian copper

-Genuine Lapis rounds-small


Copper Extenders

2” ($10), 3” ($10), and 4” ($15)


This sale runs September 7th – 13th ; please follow ordering instructions below!



// TO ORDER //


-Desired purchase(s)

-Payment preference: emailed invoice or in-store payment

-Delivery preference: shipping or pick-up


🦋If you choose to have your invoice emailed, provide your email address (unless you've already done so in the past)



-Direct message (preferred!)

-Comment on photo

-Phone 701-858-0550



🦋If these instructions are not followed and sufficient information is not provided, your order will not be placed.


Examples of proper orders:


Jane Doe, H4,, please ship!


Jessie Doe, H5 and a 3” extender, will pay and pick up in store.


🦋Invoicing and confirmation of your order will be done within 72 hours of when order is placed. Reach out if you have questions on the status of your order! Generally speaking, your order will be ready one week after it is placed. This may vary depending on items ordered.


-love + light,

Kaitlin, Danielle, & Michele

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