Weekly Feature: Hypnotic Gypsy Earrings

Posted on February 09 2021

Michele F + Weekly Feature + Hypnotic Gypsy + Downtown Minot + Amethyst Jewelry

Weekly Feature Feb 8th – 14th

Hypnotic Gypsy Earrings


Hypnotically tranquil and free, these light-weight earrings are everything! They feature genuine amethyst squares that are faceted, rough tanzanite coins, and Ethiopian and sterling silver accents that complement the periwinkle/purple stones beautifully.


Amethyst is February’s birthstone and known as the natural tranquilizer. It is said to embody the violet ray, a high frequency vibration that transmutes negative energy into the energy of LOVE.


Tanzanite is said to be a stone that helps one speak the truth form the heart as it aids in translating emotions into words and increases compassion. “Awakened Expression”


Earring Deets:

-Regular price of $125

-Sale price of $100

-Measure 2.5”

-Rough Tanzanite

-Amethyst (faceted squares)

-Ethiopian Silver

-Sterling Lever Back


// TO ORDER //


-Desired purchase(s)

-Use code or title for reference

-Delivery : shipping or pick-up

-Payment preference: emailed invoice or in-store payment


If you choose to have your invoice emailed, provide your email address (unless you've already done so in the past)



-Direct message (preferred!)

-Comment on photo

-Phone 701-852-0317



Examples of proper orders:


Jane Doe, Hypnotic Gypsy Earrings, please ship!


Jessie Doe, Hypnotic Gypsy Earrings, will pay and pick up in store.


Invoicing and confirmation of your order will be done within 72 hours of when order is placed. Please reach out if you have questions on the status of your order. Generally speaking, your order will be ready one week after it is placed. If you are buying these for Valentine’s Day, just let us know and we will make it happen. Our weekly store hours are Thursday + Friday 10 am – 6pm and Saturday 10am – 5pm.


-love + light,

Kaitlin, Danielle, & Michele

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