Weekly Feature: Cascadia Jade Necklace

Posted on August 24 2020

Weekly Feature + Michele F + Jade + Minot

Weekly Feature + Cascadia + Jade + Michele F

Weekly Feature Aug 24th – 30th

Mariposa Collection

Cascadia Jade Necklace


“Forests will always hold your secrets, for that’s what forests are for. To separate and hide things. To protect, to comfort, to hold, to envelop, to demonstrate, to slow down, to hold, to teach. Go to the trees to explore your questions and dreams. Go to the trees to desire and seek. The world will listen as you walk, watch, soften, and breathe.”-Victoria Erickson


The rich grandeur of these Nephrite Jade cubes is unparallel. The stones originate from British Columbia and bring with them the spirt of a deep forest. To accentuate and demonstrate the cubes natural beauty we have accented them with bright gold.


Nephrite Jade

protection + good fortune + connection + heart chakra



-Measures 16” + 2” ext

-Genuine British Columbian Jade -Nephrite

-Jade is in cube from -super cool!

-Accented with gold

-Gold ext & closure

-Regular price of $150

-Sale price of $125

-Sale runs Aug 24th – 30th


// TO ORDER //
-Desired purchase(s) 
-Payment preference: emailed invoice or in-store payment
-Delivery preference: shipping or pick-up
🦋If you choose to have your invoice emailed, provide your email address (unless you've already done so in the past)
-Direct message (preferred!)
-Comment on photo
-Phone 701-858-0550
🦋If these instructions are not followed and sufficient information is not provided, your order will not be placed. 
Examples of proper orders:
Jane Doe, Cascadia Jade Necklace,, please ship!
Jessie Doe, Cascadia Jade Necklace, will pay and pick up in store.
🦋Invoicing and confirmation of your order will be done within 72 hours of when order is placed. Reach out if you have questions on the status of your order! Generally speaking, your order will be ready one week after it is placed. This may vary depending on items ordered.
-love + light,
Kaitlin, Danielle, & Michele

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