Monday Madness: Wanderlust Collection, The Marrakesh Necklace

Posted on August 14 2017

“Into the wild I go; losing my way, finding my soul!” K.S.

Wanderlust Collection Pt 2: The Marrakesh Necklace
Wanderlust: (n.) A strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the World. 

This collection is comprised of worldly pieces that are vibrant, earthy, and full of soul. These pieces just might inspire your inner gypsy! 
The Marrakesh Necklace is sure to wrap you in it’s enchanting energy with its stunningly, vibrant peachy pink hue and rugged brass accents.   They say the city just may do the same!
The Marrakesh necklace is 35” of Coral and Ethiopian brass and is finished with a small section of our Birds of a Feather chain in brass which serves as a simple reminder to follow your individual path with courage and flock to/with those who lift you up and encourage you.
Michele F + Wanderlust + Marrakesh + Monday Madness
About the city of Marrakesh:
Prepare for your senses to be slapped. Marrakesh's heady sights and sounds will dazzle, frazzle and enchant. Put on your babouches and dive right in.
Why I Love Marrakesh: By Jessica Lee, Writer
I don't like to be bored. And neither does Marrakesh. I've been coming here since 1995 and this most beguiling of cities, shimmering under the hot North African sun, always has surprises up its sleeve. It sucks me into its souqs (marketplace), draws me down endless twists of narrow, pastel-washed derbs (walls, buildings, etc.) then drops me amid the mayhem of the Djemaa din. After a day in the medina the soles of my feet may be black, but I'm full to the brim with the donkey-cart swerving, frenetic energy. Marrakesh fizzes with life. Who could resist the fun?
Faith & Culture
You’ll understand how religion permeates the rhythms of daily life when you hear the sonorous call to prayer echo out from the mosques. As an old imperial capital, Marrakesh is home to some beautiful examples of Islamic architecture, most impressively the Ali ben Youssef Medersaand the Koutoubia minaret. The city also holds on to a heritage of the other religious communities that once helped it become a vibrant caravan town. Head to the old Jewish district of the mellah to visit the Lazama Synagogue and the Miaâra Jewish cemetery to gain a greater understanding of Marrakesh's cosmopolitan past.
Artisan Heritage
Bahia Palace and the Dar Si Said are a riot of tilework and intricate floral painted-wood ceilings, the Saadian Tombs are enriched by an opulent bounty of marble, while the Musée de Mouassine and Musée de Marrakech are a showcase of swirling stucco and carved-wood design. And if you choose to bed down for a night in a riad (town houses built round a central courtyard), you'll be able to sleep amid some of this splendour too. Marrakesh is a city steeped in ancient artistry that continues to thrive, kept alive by the modern craftspeople of the souqs and the contemporary art and design scene of the ville nouvelle.
Souq Shopping
Think of the medina's souqs as a shopping mall, but laid out according to a labyrinthine medieval-era plan. Whether you want to spice up your pantry with North African flavours or buy a carpet to add Moroccan-wow to your house, this magpie's nest of treasures is manna for shop-til-you-drop fanatics.
The main market streets are Souq Semmarine and Souq el-Kebir. If you see something you really like there, fine – but understand prices will be higher. Smaller souqs and souqs dedicated to artisan workshops such as Souq Haddadine (Blacksmith’s Souq), where you can buy direct from the producer, generally have the best deals.
The Medina
Got your map ready? Well, it's probably of little use to you here. Wrapped within the 19 kilometres of powder-pink pisé (building material of stiff clay or earth) ramparts, the medina is Marrakesh's show-stopping sight of crowded souqs, where sheep carcasses swing from hooks next door to twinkling lamps, and narrow, doodling ochre-dusted lanes lead to nowhere. The main artery into this mazy muddle is the vast square of Djemaa el-Fna, where it's carnival night every night. Stroll between snail-vendors, soothsayers, acrobats and conjurers, musicians and slapstick acting troupes to discover the old city's frenetic pulse. The party doesn't end until the lights go out.
Source: Lonely Planet
Words we didn’t know: (you’re welcome)
Souq or souk is a marketplace or commercial quarter in Western Asian and North African cities.
Medina quarter is a distinct city section found in a number of North Africanand Maltese cities. The medina is typically walled, with many narrow and maze-like streets.[1] The word "medina" itself simply means "city" or "town
The Riad: in the old medina of Marrakech is a unique experience, but it is not for everyone. The term 'riad' means garden but it is applied to town houses built round a central courtyard. Technically it should have some plants in four planting beds and a central fountain. Otherwise it is called a Dar, or house.
Pisè : Building material of stiff clay or earth, forced between boards which are removed as it hardens.
Stay tuned next week to see where on the globe Michele F will take you! 

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