Monday Madness: The Invincible Glam Box

Posted on April 06 2020

Monday Madness April 6th – 12th


Michele F + Monday Madness + Swarovski + Glam + Invincible


“Be patient my wild one, wonderous things take time. A pearl is hidden before it’s refined. A diamond’s luster is dull before revealing brilliant, magnificent, and breathtaking shine.” -M. L.


Be INVINCIBLE in your pursuit of the light. Reveal your brilliant, magnificent, and breathtaking “shine” as you navigate this trying time. Be patient. Have faith. When we believe in the light, we find it. We follow it. We stand in it. We become it. We then shine it onto others and inspire them to find and follow the light as well. With love and light, WE ARE TRULY INVINCIBLE!


This Glam Box is also a nod to April’s birthstone being Diamond. To all of you April Goddesses: you are lucky, lucky ducks! Diamonds are timeless and so very dazzling. This is the perfect birthday-month gift to yourself or from someone who loves you.


This Glam Box Includes: (top to bottom)

(1)        4mm Clear/Silver Post Earrings

(2)        10mm Classic Cushion Cut Post Earrings

(3)        12mm Bliss Round Post Earrings

-All are Swarovski Crystal

-All are set in silver

-On sale this week only for $45 ($55 value)


If you are wondering what the difference is between these Swarovski colors, we will break it down for you. They may all appear “clear” or “diamond-ish” but they are indeed each different….



Our Clear Swarovski is just that, clear. It looks the same when it is round or cushion cut. It looks the same when it is tiny or large. It looks the same when set in different metals. Always bright and always appropriate.


CLASSIC (Middle)

Our Classic Swarovski has a base of clear with a moonlight finish that gives it a bit more dimension and a warmer glisten. We love seeing brides and bridesmaids wear this color as it photographs beautifully and is just so warm and feminine. It truly appears as does the moon in the night sky -bright with a warm glow.


BLISS (Bottom)

Our Bliss Swarovski also has a base of clear but is then finished with an iridescent, aurora borealis “shatter”. This color is showstopping and by far a customer favorite. It’s modern yet timeless and truly captures your attention with it’s fascinating complexity.


Sold only as a set this week but feel free to inquire on individual purchase. Your order would be filled AFTER the promotions runs given we have the materials and there will be no discount on individual purchases. Regular prices are as follows: 4mm Clear Post ($10), 10mm Classic Cushion Cut Post ($20), and 12mm Round Bliss Post ($25).


To Order


-Desired purchase

-Email address for invoicing -unless you’ve already done so in the past

-Delivery preference: shipping or curb side pick-up


Order Via:

Direct message (preferred)

Comment on photo

Phone 701-858-0550



All invoices must be paid online at this time. If this will not work for you, please reach out to us privately. Also please note that your invoice may get filtered by your mail system so be sure to look in all folders.


Love + Light, ✨

Michele, Danielle & Kaitlin


Michele F

Designs that whisper to your soul...



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