Monday Madness, The Grit Bracelet

Posted on July 17 2017

Straight grit right here ladies. This bracelet was designed for the warrior woman; the woman who lives each day determined to be fierce and fabulous, the woman who strives to spread love, kindness, and strength to those who surround her.
Monday Madness + Michele F + Navajo + Pearls + Grit
This bracelet, alone is a knockout but pair it with some glam to really amp up the Michele F affect! (like some smashing Swarovski crystals, hint hint!)
These Navajo-inspired pearls are near and dear to the women of Michele F. They have been a staple in our personal collections and with their presence in our daily lives they bring forth a strong sense of vision and strength as Michele and Danielle first acquired them years ago while traveling in Santa Fe when the business was very, very young-10+ years ago. These pearls are to us what Clint Eastwood has been to the cinema industry: a strong staple who never disappoints.
This Navajo-inspired pearl bracelet is available in 7”, 7.25”, 7.5”, or 8” (other sizing available upon request).
Regular: $100
Sale: $75 (this week only)
Learn more about Navajo-pearls below!
Navajo Pearls
A piece of American History: The largest Native American tribe, The Navajo, has a history that dates back to the 1500's. At the time, Native American tribes handmade beads from the natural resources available to them. Depending on the materials, the tribe would assign a value to each bead and use them for trade. Materials included wood, stone, animal bones or teeth, and shells. The Navajo also used beads to tell stories and pass them down from generation to generation. The beads act as the carrier and are strung together along with larger stones featuring carved figures and symbols. When the Europeans arrived, they brought a number of new elements with them including copper, silver, and glass. Navajo Pearls are made of sterling silver and every individual one is handmade from cutting all the way through to stringing. No two beads are alike and the time-intensive process is what makes Navajo Pearls so special and so expensive.
How Monday Madness works:
On the Monday of every week (permitting we do not post otherwise) we release a “mad” deal. Typically it is a new design but it will sometimes be a customer favorite or a seasonally appropriate offer. The “mad deal” lasts for one week and one week only. That’s right for the WEEK not just on Monday when it is released. In order to get in on the week’s “mad deal” all you have to do is speak up! Due to the artistic nature of our business there are times that there may be a slight wait to receive your item but as long as you speak up and pay within the week, you are guaranteed your item! For us, Monday Madness is a way to give back to you in our favorite way: by creating! We find great joy in releasing new designs at killer prices. Our hopes are that these designs speak to your soul and brighten your week.  

If you would like to purchase this bracelet, please feel free to leave a comment below (clearly stating your desired purchase), private message, email, or call us. This promotion will only last for one week, so get in on it while you can! We ask that all orders placed are paid for within the week that they are featured. For any of you that may not be local, we ship daily! Just contact us with your shipping and payment info and we can get your order out to you! Happy shopping!

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