Monday Madness: The Black Rose Necklace

Posted on October 28 2019

Michele F + Downtown Minot + Monday Madness
M O N D A Y >> M A D N E S S
The Black Rose Retrograde Necklace 
“It was in my flaws, I found much deeper truth-and it is from them, I bloom: a black rose.”-S.A.
Darkness can be scary until the light reveals that there is nothing to be scared of, right? Similarly, we are scared of our “flaws” or our inner darkness but if we revel in what the darkness has to teach us, and we sit there long enough accept every phase, edge, angel, and deep rooted challenge within ourselves, we then bloom through the darkness. We then own what the darkness tried to make us fearful of because we didn’t run- we sat, we worked, we accepted. Truth, light, and growth are always an option. Blooming through your darkness however won’t be easy or free of fear. Keep pushing, believing, and blooming until you are standing in the a black rose.
-17” (+$5 per inch if requested)
-Antique silver beads
-Copper Caps
-Regular price of $150
-Sale price of $125
-Sale runs Oct 28th - Nov 3rd
How To Order 

It is our goal to make ordering as simple as possible so please feel free to place your order by: leaving a comment on this post, private messaging us, emailing, or calling. 

When ordering please be sure to include the following: 
(1) your name, (2) desired purchase (length, quantity, color-way if such options apply), (3) payment preference (emailed invoice for online payment, in-store, or by phone), and (4) shipping information; if you are not local, no problem, we ship weekly! ($3.00 s/h charge) 

Happy shopping & we hope that your week is nothing short of amazing! 

Love + Light, 
Michele, Danielle & Kaitlin 

Michele F 
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