Monday Madness: The Ace of Wands Necklace

Posted on May 28 2018

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Michele F + Monday Madness + Ace of Wands
Tibetan Dreamz Collection
Wands Necklace
Color-way: Ace of Wands
In the Tarot world, the suit of Wands is that of creativity as it fuels ambitious goals and is ruled by fire.
The particular card Ace of Wands represents new beginnings and inspiration.
Being ruled by fire, it only makes sense that The Ace of Wands Necklace features blazing copper chain and smoldering black and brown leather and knot bead.
The Ace of Wands Necklace may just be your new favorite- it is definitely ours.  Let it be your one, go-to piece that pairs beautifully with everything this summer! It’s the most edgy mix of fashion and flare.  The dueling textures are badass. 
This necklace is indeed ALL ONE PIECE. It appears as if the copper chain may be separate but no, it is all one! In total it measures 61” –allows you to wrap and wear as seen in photo.
Ace of Wands Necklace features:
-  Copper Birds of a Feather Flock Together choker chain (11.5”)
-  Black leather (49.5”)
-  Ethiopian recycled glass black/brown knot bead –can slide anywhere on leather
On sale this week for $75! It will go back to its original price of $100 after this week so act now.
How To Order:
It is our goal to make ordering as simple as possible so please feel free to place your order by leaving a comment on this post, private messaging us directly, emailing, or calling.

Information to include when placing order:
Please include (1) your name, (2) desired purchase (length, quantity, color-way if such options apply), (3) payment preference (emailed invoice for online payment, in-store, or by phone), and (4) shipping information; if you are not local, no problem, we ship weekly! Let us know your desired destination and we will get it shipped out to you! ($4.00 s/h charge)

Happy shopping & we hope that your week is nothing short of amazing!

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