MONDAY MADNESS: small things // BIG LOVE

Posted on January 27 2020

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Michele F + Minot

small things // BIG LOVE


Valentine’s Day 2020 at Michele F is all about the little things. Although it’s all about the “little things” we’ve got something BIG planned: LOVE CARDS.


What’s a LOVE CARD?

A LOVE CARD is a Michele F gift card wrapped in a handmade Valentine’s Day envelope or gift bag (your choice) with a blank note card for you to fill out with sweet nothings.


The gift cards start at $5 and have no price limit but our idea is again, to “go small with BIG LOVE”. Our vision is that you give $5 or $10 cards to the lovely women in your life. These cards can be for your group of girlfriends- the ones you share all of your wine & secrets with. They can be for your daughter(s)- as a token of love + support + gratitude. They can be for your co- workers -the ones you spend your days with…whom have to put up with you in all of your workday forms. They can be for your mom(s) and sister(s) – the ones who know your every facet and love you unconditionally. They can be for the loves of your life – the peanut butter to your jelly, the hip to your hop & flip to your flop, and all the other gushy phrases that apply….>>>


MEN // we are here to make your lives very easy and your lovely lady very happy. Simply choose your dollar amount and packaging and BOOM, your gift is complete…aside from the very heartfelt card you will be filling out where you confess your deepest love and appreciation for said (lucky) lady.


For those of you looking for “BIG THINGS” this Valentine’s Day, never fear, we’ve got those too. We will be featuring new jewelry designs and candles all month long.


Love Cards Include:

-A gift card for your desired amount

-A handmade V-day Envelope or Gift Bag

-A blank note card for personalization


*There is not additional fee for the packaging, you only pay for the gift card*


Purchase in-store or online. If you’d like to purchase online please reach out to us via private message or email. You can also call in your order. Be sure to allow adequate time for shipping.


Private message Facebook or Instagram


Phone: 701-858-0550


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