Monday Madness: Shore to Shore Tidal Movement Earrings

Posted on April 20 2020


Monday Madness + Michele F + Shore to Shore + Tidal Movement

Monday Madness April 20th - 26th

Shore to Shore: Tidal Movement Earrings


We may not be free to move about as we please these days, but we are however free to move as we please FROM WITHIN. You are a vessel of peace, freeness, focus, and contentment. Repeat that to yourself again. And Again. Even when you don’t feel it. In this intense, swirling time we are left to really dig deep; to let the tides wash over us, cleanse us, strengthen us, and show us our own power! Harness that power. Find your peace, free yourself of the “I should this and I should that” and focus on what is truly important. Hone in on what matters to you, embrace it, and let yourself be.


These earrings are a physical representation of the beauty of the ocean tides and freeness of our nomadic movement through these times. They are lightweight, fringy, free, and intense! The abalone coins are absolutely mesmerizing-beautiful pearlescent hues in the most intoxicating swirls. Ordering instructions below!


Tidal = abalone coin

Movement = gold nomad chain


Abalone = tranquility + ocean energies + healing

Nomad = one who moves or travels freely



- Measure 3.25”

- Abalone coin measures .4”

- Regular price of $75

- Sale price of $65 (this week only!)

- Each coin varies in swirl & color

- Please follow ordering instructions below


-Desired purchase
-Email address for invoicing -unless you’ve already done so in the past
-Delivery preference: shipping or curb side pick-up 
🔺Order Via:
Direct message (preferred)
Comment on photo
Phone 701-858-0550
🔺All invoices must be paid online at this time. If this will not work for you, please reach out to us privately. Also please note that your invoice may get filtered by your mail system so be sure to look in all folders. 
Love + Light, ✨
Michele, Danielle & Kaitlin 

Michele F 
Designs that whisper to your soul...



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