Monday Madness: Shore to Shore Collection, The Water Earrings

Posted on March 24 2020

Monday Madness + Michele F + The Water Earrings + Downtown Minot

🔹Monday Madness March 23rd – 29th
🔹Shore to Shore Collection
🔹The Water Earrings🌊
“Sometimes we’re taken into troubled waters not to drown…but to be cleansed.”-unknown
We, as a World, are going through a difficult time. A time where our souls are shaken, our spirits are doused with doubt, and we all just want to be ok….
We are deep into stirred waters. In those deep waters, however, we are shown our unbelievable strength, our natural desire to nurture and help, our intense ability to love and comfort, and most importantly, our true selves….
We are met by ourselves, with ourselves, around ourselves. Quite literally! We’ve been forced to slow down. We’ve been forced to sit with and face every inch of ourselves. We’ve questioned our choices. We’ve questioned our egos. We’ve questioned the Universe. Most of what we’ve questioned is our lack of control and what that leads to…
And guess what? At the end of all of that…here we are. Here. In this moment. In this life. We are strong and we are able. We’ve maybe opened boxes that need tidying. We’ve maybe opened a few boxes that need tender attention. We’ve maybe opened boxes that need more celebrating. Whatever you are being met with, face it….
Let the deep waters cleanse you. Rise to the surface with heart wrenching pride and love for yourself and the work you’ve done. The water may be deep, but it is not here to drown you, it is here to cleanse you if you will let it. Be unshaken in your pursuit and let your spirit shine bright. Choose to lean into the silver linings instead of following the ominous darkness. Try new things, in new ways, or practice what needs perfecting….
Live, learn, bend, grow, and my goodness, let these waters cleanse you…
These cleansing and light weight earrings are comprised of tumbled aquamarine, stacked aqua crystals, brass accents, and 14k gf lever backs.
🔹Aquamarine “Water of the Sea”
Helps one speak their feelings and thoughts clearly and without hesitation when needed and is also said to accelerate intellectual reasoning. Aquamarine is known to calm grief and relieve feelings of anger as well as it grants courage.
-2” long
-Regular price of $75
-Sale price of $60 this week
-If bent, will snap
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Love + Light,
Michele, Danielle & Kaitlin
Michele F
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