Monday Madness: Rebel Rising Earrings- Dreamer Edition

Posted on March 09 2020

Monday Madness March 9th – 15th

Rebel Rising Earrings- [Labradorite Dreamer Edition]

Monday Madness + Michele F + Rebel Rising Earrings


Every woman is a rebel. -Oscar Wilde

Remind yourself that you have a voice to use and an intuition to listen to and follow.


// Labradorite

Throat + Third Eye + Crown Chakras

Strength + Protection + Intuition + Confidence + Transformation


Labradorite is said to unite all chakras and develop spiritual power and psychic awareness.  Labradorite strengthens ones aura as it also shields and protects it.  Also said to be highly motivating as it increases determination.


// The Birds of a Feather Flock Together Chain represents forming a protective “flock” or fortress around our most precious space. Be mindful of who you allow into your castle as you  protect it as an intimate space where you are able to be your truest self.  It is a space where you can feel all the feels without filtering or apologizing.  All of those different types of energies and experiences that come at us can easily become overwhelming and run us down or take over so be sure to protect that castle and take back the power! This chain also signifies life’s higher purpose + togetherness + higher energy.


Earring Details

-2” long and almost 1.5” wide

-Regular price of $75

-Sale price (this week only) of $55

-Silver Flock Chain

-Brass Circles

-Genuine Labradorite drops


These earrings were photographed in high day light so their “fire” is defined and highlighted to it’s fullest extent. So. Dang. Stunning.


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Love + Light, 
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Michele F 
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