Monday Madness: Jungle Retrograde

Posted on July 08 2019

Monday Madness 
Jungle Retrograde>> July 8th– 11th
Michele F + Downtown Minot + Turquoise

Nothing says summer like a glistening suntan and an earthy + bold strand of turquoise! This turquoise has been made into our “Retrograde” design-which refers to the unique cap style. We won’t get into it much, but did you know that Mercury is currently in Retrograde? Fitting, eh? This faceted turquoise is next level. Accented with copper, the matrixes of the stones and bold hues are on ultimate display. This creation can be worn in a multitude of ways: as a necklace, as a wrap bracelet, or as a wrap ankle bracelet…AND with or without the Solar Quartz charm. There is a breakdown of pricing and options below!


(A) Turquoise Retrograde $150 for $100

Faceted genuine turquoise with copper accents (17”)


(B) Solar Quartz Charm $60 for $40

Translucent with gray or mossy inclusions –wrapped with copper

(C) Copper Extender $25 for $10

Used to make into wrap bracelet or to extend necklace –length dependent on your wrist size so please specify upon ordering. Options: 6.75”, 7”, 7.25”, 7.5”, 7.75”, or 8” >follow your typical single strand bracelet size


*Copper extender must be purchased for ultimate versatility*


Turquoise + Michele F

About Turquoise

Truth + Wisdom + Protection

Turquoise is one of the world’s most ancient gems. Archaeological excavations revealed that the rulers of ancient Egypt adorned themselves with turquoise jewelry, and Chinese artisans were carving it more than 3,000 years ago. Turquoise is the national gem of Tibet, and has long been considered a stone that guarantees health, good fortune, and protection from evil.
The gem’s name comes from the French expression pierre tourques, or “Turkish stone.” The name, which originated in the thirteenth century, reflects the fact that the material probably first arrived in Europe from Turkish sources.
Turquoise was a ceremonial gem and a medium of exchange for Native American tribes in the southwestern US. They also used it in their jewelry and amulets. The Apaches believed that turquoise attached to a bow or firearm increased a hunter’s or warrior’s accuracy.-gia


About Solar Quartz

Energy + Spirit + Harmony + Strength

Known as an energy enhancer as it connects to spirit and creates harmony.Solar Quartz is said to bring emotional strength while also being uplifting with great power and energy.-saracura


How To Order:
It is our goal to make ordering as simple as possible so please feel free to place your order by: leaving a comment on this post, private messaging us, emailing, or calling. 
When ordering please be sure to include the following:
(1) your name, (2) desired purchase (length, quantity, color-way if such options apply), (3) payment preference (emailed invoice for online payment, in-store, or by phone), and (4) shipping information; if you are not local, no problem, we ship weekly! ($3.00 s/h charge) 
Happy shopping & we hope that your week is nothing short of amazing!
Love + Light, 
Michele, Danielle & Kaitlin 
Michele F
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