Monday Madness: Intuition Earrings

Posted on April 27 2020

Monday Madness + Michele F + Intuition + Minot + North Dakota

Intuition Earrings // $35

Monday Madness April 27th – May 3rd


"I define 'intuition' as the delicate thread that connects me to everything that lies beyond my five senses.-L.M.


Your intuition is often compared to or explained as “a gut feeling”, “an unexplainable pull towards or away from something”, “feeling a sense of peace or knowing that didn’t come from what you’ve been taught or told”, etc.


Other quotes we resonated with when reflecting on intuition:

“Her intuition was her favorite super power.” -unknown


Intuition is seeing with the soul.” -D.K


“I told you so, sincerely your Intuition”-unknown

And on that note, we found a humorous yet blindingly honest correlation: mothers are often quoted saying “I told you so” and so is your intuition. With that being said, these earrings could be a nod to your mother and the wisdom she is always trying to instill in you and share with you-whether you asked for it or not! HA! Your Intuition, much like your mother, is your truest and most loyal friend. It ALWAYS knows. It never judges. There’s no ego, no competition. It is always honest with you-even when the truth hurts and even when the road ahead is sure to be bumpy. This is much like the love of a mother. Mother’s naturally want to see the body and the souls of their children flourish and expand. They hold, they nurture, they lead, and they support- asking nothing in return. Well maybe that you come home on time or turn out to be a good person -ha!


Note to those who have possibly never experienced the love they deserve from their mother: The Lord, The Universe, and many other beings around you love you in this natural way and have your best interest in mind. Always know that you are held and find peace in knowing that you are enough. Mother-figures come in many forms, not just birth moms. Just sayin’.


Our Intuition charms are a fan favorite!  They are a beautiful triangle “cage” that houses a floating, clear crystal. Very light-weight and their overall energy is that of divine light that funnels right into your soul!


These earrings would make for lovely and meaningful Mother’s Day gift. We are happy to ship them (free of charge) with a note for you or even include this write up if you wish. This also goes for those of you who are curbside purchases. If you’d like the write-up please just say so!


// D E T A I L S

-Feature gold Intuition charm (9mm)

-Charm is suspended on gold ear wire (1.25”)

-In total they measure 1.75” long

-On sale for $35 this week only

-Regular price of $45

-Pretty please follow ordering instructions below


// TO ORDER //
-Desired purchase (number listed on item)  
-Email address for invoicing -unless you’ve already done so in the past
-Delivery preference: shipping or curb side pick-up -this is important!
Direct message (preferred!)
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Phone 701-858-0550
🦋 All invoices must be paid online at this time. If this will not work for you, please reach out to us privately. Also please note that your invoice may get filtered by your mail system so be sure to look in all folders. << take note of this! 
🦋Invoicing will be done within 72 hours of when order is placed. Reach out if you have questions on the status of your order. We want to be sure that if you are ordering for Mother’s Day that you have your item in time so let’s make this happen!


Love + Light,

-Michele, Danielle, & Kaitlin

 Monday Madness + Michele F + Intuition + Minot

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