Monday Madness, Finding Balance Necklace

Posted on September 11 2017

“You can do anything but not everything.”-David Allen
Some days we feel like the grand ringmaster of a beautiful circus and other days we feel like the main attraction; that’s ok. Find your balance and be sure to be gentle with yourself along the way as it takes courage, perseverance, and time.
This necklace is a gentle reminder, as it closely resembles a tightrope, that balancing life is tricky but we must enjoy the blessings (5 clear quartz) that pave our paths.
Notice: this is a spin-off of our “Finding Center” necklace. They layer together wonderfully.
Options: gold or silver –please specify upon ordering
Clear quartz
Reg $100
Sale $75 (this week only!)
How Monday Madness works:
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